Best Practice


By supporting garden initiatives within municipal housing complexes, wohnpartner endeavours to establish good neighbourly relations. This scheme has proved to be a great success, with more than 1,000 residents already living their dreams of being urban gardeners.

Gardening for a Better Neighbourhood

wohnpartner supports the residents of Vienna’s municipal housing in creating their own garden paradises. Planning a garden and working on it as a community brings neighbours together and creates new friendships. Portable beds as well as community gardens are the focus point of many community activities and provide vital meeting places for residents. Currently more than 1,000 residents in more than 100 municipal housing complexes take care of ‘their’ beds and thus live out their dreams of being an urban gardener.Taking responsibility for plants and flowers, getting involved in the community and doing something meaningful for the environment are only some of the benefits that the garden initiatives create. wohnpartner also fosters the exchange between tenants, especially between the older and younger generations. Due to this, children are able to learn about the variety of plants and what they can be used for at an early age.


The communities proudly show off their garden projects to the numerous visitors who show interest in the projects. The ‘Gartl-Tour’, an annual bus tour showcasing the garden-related activities in different parts of Vienna, gives residents of other municipal housing complexes the chance to see what’s possible when a group decides to pursue a common goal. For wohnpartner these garden initiatives are a shining example of what dedicated tenants can achieve when they work together. wohnpartner actively supports and promotes these schemes and has installed 307 portable garden beds since 2011; 60 of those in 2018.