Vienna`s innovative approaches


 “The Vienna Model” has developed into an internationally recognised example. Many housing experts are interested in the concepts, approaches and tools with which Viennese social housing has won international awards.

UN Habitat Scroll of Honor

Vienna city council’s ‘Sustainable Urban Renewal Programme’ won this award for putting people and their views first in a model urban renovation programme, which it also shares with other cities in Europe.

The City of Vienna council decided against the demolition and construction of new urban areas, and against the displacement or compulsory re-housing of the population living in renewal areas. The model of soft urban renewal is an interdisciplinary challenge, which combines social, economic, cultural and ecological demands. Under its so-called "gentle urban renewal" drive that started in 1984, the city is careful to consult its residents on changes and take their views into account - rather than opt for the demolition of run down neighbourhoods and compulsory relocation. At the time, more than 300,000 dwellings without toilets or running water and sanitation making up some 40% of Vienna's housing stock were targeted for renovation. Under the multi-million Euro programme, over the years the sub-standard housing stock has been reduced to below 3%.

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Global Green City Award

At the UN Habitat Conference in Quito (Ecuador) 2019, Vienna was awarded the title of “Global Green City” and presented with the “Sustainable City and Human Settlement Award”.
In Autumn 2016, subsidized housing in Vienna was able to contribute towards another special award for the city: As part of the UN Habitat Conference in Quito (Ecuador) from 17th to 20th October 2016, the city of Vienna was awarded the title of “Global Green City” and presented with the “Sustainable City and Human Settlement Award”. Four cities were honoured in the “Sustainable City” category for their sustainable approach to resources and their contribution to the “New Urban Agenda” that had been agreed in Quito.

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The 3rd Eurhonet CSR Awards Ceremony took place in the framework of their General Assembly in October 2018. At the Ceremony, Wiener Wohnen was nominated for the European bronce medal for the best practice project Case Management in the category “Local Social Sustainability”. Wiener Wohnen is the only municipal housing company in Vienna who employs a team of social workers in order to assist tenants in difficult life situations who are threatened by compulsory eviction and have not yet contacted Wiener Wohnen.

This commitment leads to a win-win-situation for everyone:

  • For the affected people: preventing eviction means preventing human misery and uprooting with all negative effects, also suicides
  • For the housing company: savings since every eviction costs at least 10,000 €
  • For the city of Vienna: To prevent evictions is a contribution to enhance a social inclusive city. Less homelessness increases the quality of life in the city.

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