High quality of life

Housing policy

The high quality of life and housing in Vienna and its noteworthy balance of social diversity - especially in comparison with other cities - is more than simply good luck.

The cornerstones of Vienna’s social housing are 420,000 municipal and subsidized housing units. Allocation guidelines that also grant the middle classes access to this large and growing housing sector ensure a good social mix. The ongoing gentle urban renewal project also helps to make housing affordable, contributing towards positive dynamics in society and providing thousands of jobs. These benefits, which have a long tradition in Vienna and enjoy popular support, have to be preserved for future generations.

Vienna - City of Social Housing

The Austrian capital is the city of social housing in Europe. Here are some facts and figures to illustrate Vienna’s achievements and to provide an insight into current policies:

  • The City of Vienna owns 220,000 housing units and additional 200,000 were built by limited-profit housing associations
  • In more than 60% of Vienna’s inhabitants live in subsidised or municipal housing
  • Vienna, a city with a strong social mix - Social housing produces creates a good social mix and a fair society by including middle and lower income class
  • Climate and environmental protection - Reduction of 357,000 tonnes of CO2 annually
  • 21,000 jobs in the construction industry - Social housing strengthens purchasing power and secures jobs
  • Affordable housing - A large percentage of social housing helps to maintain affordable prices on the housing market