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Access criteria

What are the access criteria for getting a municipal or subsidised flat in Vienna? How does the one-stop-shop of Wohnberatung Wien work? The City of Vienna makes sure that broad strata of society have access to subsidised and municipal housing.

General allocation criteria for registration - Wiener Wohn-Ticket

Wohnberatung Wien is the central contact point for the various housing suppliers of the City of Vienna. It is there that one has to register to receive a Wiener Wohn-Ticket, which is a necessary prerequisite for gaining access to all subsidised/ municipal housing.

The criteria state that you must be:

  • at least 18 years old at the time of signing the contract;
  • registered at your current address as your main place of residence in Vienna for a minimum of two years;
  • an Austrian citizen or equivalent;
  • with an income below the defined threshold.

Income thresholds

For 2019, the joint annual net income of all occupants of a flat must not exceed the maximum income thresholds of:

  • One person:      46,450 Euro
  • Two persons:    69,220 Euro
  • Three persons: 78,330 Euro
  • Four persons:   87,430 Euro
  • Each additional person: plus 5,100 Euro

Justified housing needs

Moreover, a justified housing need, which encompasses social criteria such as:

  • overcrowding of current flat
  • priority for young persons (first-time movers)
  • persons with special needs
  • old age (easy accessibility),

is required to qualify for municipal flats, SMART flats and re-let flats with a capital contribution of € 10,000 maximum to be made by the tenant.

Bonus period

As one can imagine, there is a waiting list for social housing in Vienna. To support people who have lived in the city for some time, we have developed a bonus scheme. People who have lived in Vienna for more than five years are automatically moved up to a higher position on the waiting list from the date of application. This amounts to three months for every five years they have had their main residence in Vienna (capped at nine months).