Tools of success

Community work

wohnpartner is active in promoting good community relations within Vienna’s social housing estates. Urban Renewal Offices support the ideas of local people, utilizing bottom-up processes. Locals are also invited to actively participate in the districts in which they live.

Community work in municipal housing complexes

Around 500,000 people live in municipal housing complexes within the City of Vienna. Having the City of Vienna as a landlord is one thing that all these tenants have in common; however, in many cases this is the only thing they share.

wohnpartner aims to improve and promote the positive effects of residential diversity. This is achieved by creating spaces for social encounters between residents and by aiding them to overcome the obstacles and friction that can arise through everyday communication and social interaction. wohnpartner makes use of and develops methods in the fields of conflict management, community work and spatial social work.

In addition, wohnpartner teams offer support through the implementation of activities within neighbourhoods, such as urban gardening, co-operative use of common spaces, joint celebrations, etc. Primarily, wohnpartner aims to bring social housing residents together.

Involvement in the development of the district

GB* (Gebietsbetreuung Stadterneuerrung) Urban Renewal Offices support local people in implementing their ideas through bottom-up processes. Networks of residents and other stakeholders are established and everyone is invited to actively participate in neighborhood development. In addition, teams implement top-down participation processes for both the development and redevelopment of districts. In order to make complex urban planning and decision-making processes transparent, the GB* Urban Renewal Offices provide information at an early stage, mediate and moderate as needed and help to find joint solutions.

The need for co-determination and participation in the districts is increasing. Therefore, in cases of large-scale urban development projects, the GB* Urban Renewal Offices implement district management by bringing the public, politicians and city administrators to the table.