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Municipal housing and participation

Stadt Wien - Wiener Wohnen provides its tenants with good service in the city’s municipal housing complexes. wohnpartner supports the residents in their efforts to improve good-neighbourly relations.

Municipal housing in Vienna – Wiener Wohnen

Around 500,000 people live in municipal housing flats in Vienna. This makes the City of Vienna one of the world’s largest landlords. The housing management agency Wiener Wohnen is responsible for the administration and maintenance of more than 200,000 flats in over 2,000 residential complexes in Vienna. This includes managing the upkeep of green spaces, courtyards, playgrounds, laundry rooms as well as common rooms for hobbies, sports and recreation.

wohnpartner – together for a good neighbourhood

wohnpartner was founded in 2010 with the aim of strengthening local communities and fostering social cohesion within the city’s municipal housing estates. 160 community workers and mediators support residents through conflict management and community work in order to enable and promote positive relationships and open communication among tenants. wohnpartner creates on-site opportunities that foster a sense of belonging and community.

Codetermination statute

The various possibilities of participation for Vienna’s municipal housing residents are described in the codetermination statute. This statute, which was first adopted by the City Council in 1988, gives municipal housing tenants the right to choose an official tenant representative body called “tenants’ advisory committee”, which keeps in close contact with Wiener Wohnen. The statute determines every tenant’s right to information, monitoring and codetermination. In late 2014, the City Council adopted an amended statute, which gives tenants more influence outside the advisory committee.