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Wohnservice Wien is a free-of-charge counselling service provided by the City of Vienna to offer information and assistance regarding all housing-related matters.

Wohnservice Wien was established in 2000 with the purpose of allocating subsidised dwellings owned by the City of Vienna free of charge and presenting the achievements of subsidised housing to a broad public. Simultaneously with the creation of Wohnservice Wien, MieterHilfe Wien, which dates back to 1995, was integrated with the new facility. Its task lies in extending free-of-charge advice on all legal matters related to housing. In 2010, wohnpartner, too, became a part of Wohnservice Wien and since then has been supporting all tenants of Vienna’s municipal housing estates in building and maintaining good-neighbourly relations.

Wohnberatung Wien was launched in 2015 as a joint venture in order to offer all available services for persons seeking a subsidised or municipal flat as a “one-stop shop”; its predecessors were the housing advice service (Wohnberatung) of Wohnservice Wien and the welcome service of Wiener Wohnen’s customer care unit. Since January 2017, Wohnberatung Wien, too, has been a division of Wohnservice Wien.

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