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Public and private assistance

These services range from financial aid to active support extended by social workers.

Individual housing benefits

The City of Vienna principally provides financial aid for persons in need, who can contact Municipal Department 40 (MA 40) – Social Welfare, Social and Public Health Law to receive the legally guaranteed minimum income or Municipal Department 50 (MA 50) – Housing Promotion and Arbitration Board for Legal Housing Matters, which disburses housing benefits.

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MA 40:
MA 50:

Eviction prevention for the privately owned and limited-profit housing sectors

The Centre for Secure Tenancy (FAWOS), an institution of the welfare organisation Volkshilfe Wien, provides services on behalf of the City of Vienna in particular in the field of eviction prevention for tenants of privately owned and limited-profit dwellings as well as externally managed municipal flats.

In this way, FAWOS aims to combat the increasingly frequent phenomenon of homelessness through preventive measures. Therefore, as soon as an action for eviction is brought to court, FAWOS is automatically informed of the case and immediately contacts the respective tenant to prevent this person from losing his or her home.

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Eviction prevention for the public housing sector

Wiener Wohnen has access to a team of social workers who become active on its behalf to help tenants who are threatened by eviction but have not contacted Wiener Wohnen (“Case Management” system). The objective is to prevent eviction, e.g. by drawing up a plan to pay in instalments or sometimes by simply explaining that the rent has to be paid on a monthly basis and that it is due now.

Top priority is given to families with children aged under 18 years, retired persons and young adults between the ages of 20 and 30 years. Often the persons concerned, for whatever reason, fail to inform themselves in a timely or independent manner about solutions and support options. This is where the “Case Management” system offers support and help.

In its turn, this commitment entails a win-win scenario for all

  • For the people affected: Every single eviction that is avoided means preventing human misery and uprooting with all concomitant negative psychological effects.
  • For the housing company: Every eviction prevented equals savings of approx. Euro 10,000.
  • For the City of Vienna: Preventing evictions contributes to a socially inclusive city. A reduction of homelessness enhances the quality of life in Vienna.