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Affordable housing as a public task
The “Vienna model” of social housing is often cited as a best practice reflecting a successful housing policy that embodies both social balance and integration.


Vienna’s active housing policy is based on the city government’s policy objective of providing affordable, secure housing for persons with low and medium incomes. Thus, social housing is not only intended for low-income groups but rather for broad strata of the population.

“Affordable, high-quality housing for all citizens of Vienna“

Vienna offers its inhabitants high quality of life. Hardly any other city is able to combine a comparably high standard of living with affordable housing prices. This is only possible because the City of Vienna safeguards the construction of thousands of subsidised dwellings, year after year, while also contributing towards the rehabilitation of older built stock.

The reliable provision of the population with affordable housing is a core task of Vienna’s public sector and exerts a strong price-dampening effect on the entire housing market. Every year, the City of Vienna invests approx. Euro 450 million in affordable housing. The fact that Vienna is a very safe and socially mixed city constitutes another advantage: In Vienna, a person’s income cannot be gleaned from his or her home address.

The "Vienna model"

On an international scale, Vienna is distinguished by its high quality of living and housing as well as by its good social mix.

Public added value

The “Vienna Model” of social housing encompasses numerous advantages for society and neighbourhoods as well as for every single citizen.

Housing market

Vienna is a city of tenants, as rental units occupy the biggest share of the housing market.


Vienna is one of the most rapidly growing cities in Europe. Municipal administrators and political decision-makers are faced with challenges resulting from this growth.

Legal framework conditions

Municipal and subsidised housing construction requires clearcut statutory provisions and reliable framework conditions.