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Broad access to subsidised housing

Wiener Wohn-Ticket

Wohnberatung Wien is the central service point of the City of Vienna for all Viennese wishing to register for a subsidised or municipal flat. The offer of Wohnberatung Wien comprises all dwellings allocated by the City of Vienna.

Basic requirements

  • Minimum age of 18 years at the moment of signing the tenancy contract
  • Minimum registration of two years at the current address in Vienna as primary residence
  • Austrian citizenship or equivalent
  • Income below a defined threshold
  • clearcut family status (spouses or registered partners can apply for a Wiener Wohn-Ticket only jointly)

Income thresholds

As of 2023, the joint annual net income of all persons living in a household must not exceed the following maximum amounts:

one person:                         Euro 53,340
two persons:                        Euro 79,490
three persons:                      Euro 89,950
four persons:                        Euro 100,410
each additional person:  plus Euro 5,850

The relatively high income limits – 75 percent of the Viennese population earn less – provide, that the “middle class” also gets access to Vienna's subsidized housing stock.

Bonus period

There exists a waiting list for subsidised and municipal flats. Therefore, the City of Vienna has developed a bonus system to support persons who have been residing in the Austrian capital for a longer period. Individuals who have been living here for more than five years are automatically moved up to a higher position on the waiting list from the date of application. This bonus period equals three months for every five years they have had their main residence in Vienna (maximum nine months).

Wiener Wohn-Ticket with justified housing needs

Justified housing needs allow access to particularly affordable housing, such as:

  • municipal flats
  • SMART flats (new and re-let units)
  • SMART flats with “super promotion” (Superförderung)
  • Flats with “super promotion”
  • subsidised re-let flats with an equity contribution of less than Euro 10,000 to be paid by tenants

Justified housing needs may result from the following social criteria, one or more of which must be demonstrably present:

  • overcrowding of current flat
  • preferential treatment for young people (household formation of first movers)
  • special needs
  • separate households resulting from divorce
  • old-age related housing needs (barrier-free design)
  • wheelchair user/person requiring a barrier-free home
  • single parents

Digital housing allocation

May 2020 saw the launch of “digital housing allocation” by the City of Vienna. From now on, it is easy to search for a suitable municipal flat online. It is no longer necessary to view a flat in person, since the available units are shown on the platform of Wohnberatung Wien by means of photos, layout plans and a wealth of detailed information.

If none of the available dwellings corresponds to a client’s requirements, he or she can also have a look at available subsidised units, e.g. SMART flats.

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