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City of Vienna – Wiener Wohnen administers and manages approx. 220,000 municipal dwellings in roughly 1,800 estates and is the biggest municipal housing provider in Europe. One out of four Viennese lives in a municipal housing estate – a total of around 500,000 persons. It is the objective of Wiener Wohnen to manage, construct and rehabilitate municipal housing, in particular for the benefit of individuals and families with low incomes. As a public property manager, Wiener Wohnen assumes a great deal of social responsibility and, thus, offers more social services for its tenants than private landlords. To mention just a few:

  • allocation of social flats to persons discharged from care facilities or in danger of losing their home,
  • together with wohnpartner: support in resolving neighbourhood conflicts und community work,
  • special “house-rule counsellors” charged with supervising compliance with house rules and the Vienna Clean Public Spaces Act in municipal housing estates,
  • social counselling in case of rent arrears and case management (outreach work) for eviction protection,
  • around-the-clock hotline,
  • tenant codetermination and much more.

Wiener Wohnen co-operates with numerous municipal departments, social facilities, NGOs, law enforcement, research institutions and experts to improve the subjective sense of safety and the quality of life of tenants of municipal housing estates.

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