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Benefits for society

The "Vienna Model" of social housing offers many benefits for society and neighbourhoods as well as for the individual citizens.

The 420,000 municipal and co-operative flats of Vienna exert an effect on the entire housing market and contribute to keeping rents affordable even outside the subsidised sector. Tenants may rest assured that

  • social stability and financial predictability are safeguarded by open-ended tenancy contracts and affordable rents,
  • municipal initiatives are undertaken to strengthen social cohesion and good-neighbourly relations,
  • energy consumption is reduced and older parts of the city are upgraded through subsidised rehabilitation and refurbishment projects,
  • thousands of jobs are created and safeguarded by social housing construction,
  • the programme of “gentle urban renewal” prevents segregation processes; the compulsory relocation of tenants of entire housing complexes due to urgent renovation measures is avoided,
  • access to the housing market is safeguarded for both lower- and medium-income groups,
  • the City of Vienna offers comprehensive tenant protection as well as manifold, free-of-charge counselling services,
  • rents cannot be significantly raised “out of the blue”, since they are tied to the consumer price index,
  • eco-friendly construction methods safeguard a healthy living environment and improve environmental protection,
  • social housing favours a good social mix in all parts of the city and prepares the ground for high quality of life in Vienna.