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Compact and inexpensive

SMART flats are characterised by high adaptability to everyday needs, a low equity contribution to be paid by tenants as well as low rents. The flats are somewhat smaller and therefore cheaper but still convey an impression of spaciousness. Alternative options for room arrangements, furnishings and private outdoor spaces leave room for individual choices by tenants. These high-quality dwellings are specifically geared towards young families, couples, single parents and persons living on their own.

SMART flats score with optimised space utilisation and well-thought-out, compact layouts. This means that tenants do not have to pay rent for unused housing space. Rents were deliberately calculated to align with those of inexpensive municipal flats.

SMART flats present the following advantages:

  • optimum utilisation of available space;
  • flat size categories (based on floor area for which rent is paid) that range from Type A with 1 room and approx. 40 sqm to Type E with 5 rooms and up to 100 sqm, thus offering options for everyone from singles to large families;
  • well-thought-out, compact layouts;
  • possibility to choose between different configuration packages;
  • low construction and utility costs;
  • financing contribution (to building and land costs) of max. € 60.- per sqm of useful flat floorspace;
  • monthly total rental price of max. € 7.50 per sqm of useful flat floorspace;
  • allocation according to the same criteria as Vienna’s municipal flats.

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