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International conference of EU metropolises

The international conference “Housing for All – Affordable Housing in Growing Cities in Europe” was held in Vienna in December 2018. The premises of Wiener Wohnen welcomed around 350 participants from 36 countries. Mayors and other representatives of cities and municipalities, housing providers and tenant associations as well as experts discussed current housing policies with members of EU institutions.

The event focused on such core issues as “What can be done against the acute housing crisis in Europe’s growing cities?” or “How can investments in affordable housing be rekindled?”

Moreover, the EU Housing Partnership publicly presented its Action Plan for Affordable Housing in the context of the conference. Co-ordinated by Slovakia and the City of Vienna, the EU Housing Partnership engaged in an intensive analysis of the challenges faced by affordable housing in Europe.

The resulting catalogue of measures comprises a series of already implemented outcomes, e.g. studies on the housing situation in old and new EU Member States, a good-practice database on housing, an in-depth analysis of state aid law and a brochure on urban solutions for housing policy issues. Furthermore, the Action Plan contains recommendations to the EU legislator, in particular regarding the provision of a wider investment leeway for cities.

For further information
Policy Guidelines for Affordable Housing (PDF)