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Joint activities

In 2017, several committed tenant representatives of mostly municipal flats in Siemensstrasse 21-55, a neighbourhood in the northern part of Vienna, founded the association ALIWA. ALIWA (an acronym composed of the first letters of the founders’ names) is supported by wohnpartner as well as by the Municipal District Office with the aim of strengthening welfare and local identity.

The local Residents’ Centre (BewohnerInnen-Zentrum) provides ALIWA with a venue for encounters and exchanges of experience as well as a platform that allows local residents to participate in tenant-driven activities. Inspired by the work methods of wohnpartner, ALIWA wants to bring people together through events and projects.

Many activities of ALIWA are targeted at children and young people, because they are the future of the region and because the association views them as a link that cuts across all generations in a diverse neighbourhood. Soccer matches for children and young people as well as a neighbourhood festival were already organised and met with great success and enthusiasm.

Another focus of the work undertaken by ALIWA volunteers relates to the association’s efforts to communicate a sense of history so as to boost an understanding of local identity. Personal memories of residents, vintage photographs and historical maps all help ALIWA to unearth the past of the district.

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