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Communication with a difference

Initiatives of this kind further good-neighbourly relations and interpersonal contacts.All forms of art – be they painting, photography or literature – share the common characteristic of bringing people of different backgrounds, interests and age groups together.

Art is moreover a means to strengthen society and a vessel of expression and, hence, an excellent instrument of communication.

Even more importantly, art has a voice of its own. It enables people to address issues of relevance to them, such as changes in societal structures. Against this backdrop, wohnpartner aims to promote the creation of artworksby tenants of municipal housing estates and supports them by offering a platform to showcase their output.

In recent years, this aspect of community work has led to numerous successful art-related initiatives: “Hidden Talents”, “Art and Culture at the Reumannhof” (a municipal housing estate), “Globetrotters” or “Graffiti in Alfred-Kubin-Platz”. They open up new perspectives on art and contribute to understanding the value of art as such. This also fosters exchange between the tenants interested in these projects. All of these artworks are exhibited in municipal housing estates and, hence, are easy to visit for residents.

The current project “Municipal Housing Estates as Culture Labs” was developed in 2019 as “Municipal Housing Estates as Urban Labs”. It is an interdepartmental project involving the Administrative Group for Housing, Housing Construction, Urban Renewal and Women's Issues and the Administrative Group for Cultural Affairs and Science.

Temporary vacancies in municipal housing estates across the city are made accessible and used as platforms for planning and realising cultural projects. Residents are warmly invited to join in and give voice to their inspirations. Experts of wohnpartner support tenants on-site in their projects.

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