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Respectful communication

Living in a community with others can sometimes lead to misunderstandings.  wohnpartner assists tenants of municipal housing estates in actively shaping their living environment. Individual capabilities and coping strategies are broadened and extended by enabling residents to find solutions to conflicts on their own.

Towards this goal, wohnpartner offers professional help and advice to enable people to address divergent opinions, convictions and needs. Examples of these services include mediation processes as well as coaching and counselling.

In this, wohnpartner pursues a multi-tier approach that calls upon the two parties concerned – and in some cases even several parties – to engage actively in conflict resolution. Conflicts are not only the outcome of divergent viewpoints and needs but may also emerge e.g. when a resident struggles with personal problems and, in this difficult situation, feels unable to accept the behaviour of a neighbour. wohnpartner tries to avoid seemingly obvious explanations for such problems and instead attempts to identify and address the underlying cause.

For this purpose, other social institutions, too, are involved in order to tackle complex social problems in municipal housing estates in an equally complex manner. Thus, wohnpartner fosters mutual understanding within the neighbourhood but also nurtures individuals’ skills in resolving problems of everyday life.

Moreover, wohnpartner co-operates with schools to train young people to cope with conflicts. Peer mediation workshops teach youngsters to accept and respect the needs and opinions of others and coach them to embrace non-confrontational communication methods.

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