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A local newspaper for the community

The “Jedleseer Zeitung” was founded in 2009 by wohnpartner together with two organisations for children and young people: “Kinderfreunde aktiv” and “JUVIVO” with the objective of improving the level of networking and social support as well as local communication possibilities and identity structures. It covers the needs and interests of a wide variety of tenant groups of different generations as well as diverse social and ethnic backgrounds. Moreover, the paper also draws attention to local resources: lively hotspots, oases of tranquillity and recreation options.

In addition, it offers information about local activities, social infrastructure facilities and points of contact in the Jedlesee neighbourhood. All groups involved are committed to the fundamental principles expressed in the mission statement of the newspaper: “to support respectful, positive and polite co-operation among tenants in the region”. 2019 marked the 10th anniversary of the “Jedleseer Zeitung”.

Participatory projects such as local newspapers and magazines are faced with the challenge of representing many diverse interests in a balanced manner. The “Jedleseer Zeitung” achieves this goal by recruiting its editorial staff from all groups concerned (e.g. kid reporters and tenant representatives). The members of the editorial staff meet regularly, discuss relevant topics in depth and jointly set thematic priorities. Local history, the rich variety of the neighbourhood, language lessons, photo puzzles and games, etc. are only some aspects of every edition. The key philosophy informing decision-making processes is affirmative and information-driven. Recurring topics, such as “dog poop” or generational conflicts, are regularly addressed to promote sustainably positive attitudes within the community.

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