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When urgent action is called for

Since 2013, this team composed of seven staff members of Wiener Wohnen is on call around the clock, every day of the year. The response team is always activated directly by Wiener Wohnen – there is no hotline for tenants.

Around 50 percent of incoming distress calls are triggered by some damage to the water, gas or power networks.

The mobile response team works in close contact with all emergency services and thus is called in e.g. in case of a fire simultaneously with the fire services, ambulance and police.

The team immediately takes action where required and inspects the damage (e.g. lift operation or power and gas supply) on-site. For example, the staff organises workmen or cleaning services and in this way makes sure that the problem is promptly remedied. If a flat has become uninhabitable due to a fire, the team also provides replacement accommodation for the tenants concerned. Dealing with alarmed or frightened inhabitants calls for a particularly high degree of empathy and tact.

Being long-standing employees of Wiener Wohnen, the members of the response team are seasoned professionals and thus excellently prepared for their demanding work.