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Providing assistance

The municipal housing administrator Wiener Wohnen is not only concerned with renting flats to tenants; rather, tenant satisfaction, too, is of particular importance for Wiener Wohnen: In addition to safeguarding clean, well-maintained infrastructure facilities, Europe’s biggest municipal building management entity also offers a great variety of social services that private building managers do not provide.

Such a unique feature is the transport and carrying service, which was already introduced and tested in January 2013 and resulted from an initiative of Wiener Wohnen in co-operation with the Viennese Workers’ Samaritan Foundation.

Given the high number of approx. 1,800 municipal housing estates, it is only to be expected that lifts sometimes need to be deactivated for repair or maintenance or even as the result of a fire inside the building. For tenants who have difficulty walking, a long-term lift shutdown often means a total loss of mobility. The transport and carrying service was conceived to offer support in this situation and enable such persons to do their shopping or keep an appointment with the doctor during the shutdown period.

If tenants thus affected want to use this service, they only have to inform the Viennese Workers’ Samaritan Foundation; the costs are borne by Wiener Wohnen.

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