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Safety and performance

No matter whether it’s repairs carried out in vacant dwellings, work aiming to improve the standard of flats, the remedying of defective installations or renovation measures – the quality control team is there to inspect the ongoing activities of external companies to safeguard optimum performance quality.

Every year, an average of roughly 600 construction sites are visited and documented. To achieve a preventive effect, the companies are informed of these upcoming checks, but not about the precise date.

The main task of the approx. 50 specialists and experts involved lies in verifying the correct delivery and invoicing of the construction, planning and building management work of companies that have entered into contracts with Wiener Wohnen. This quality control is not meant as a sort of preventive check similar to construction supervision, but rather as an addition to, and complement of, already existing measures.

Repeated on-site checks include detailed quality and performance evaluation, e.g. whether insulation panels were correctly installed and glued into place or whether electrical installations correspond to standard legal requirements. At the same time, construction progress is precisely documented. Finally, all invoices are checked in detail. The information thus gleaned makes it possible to compare costs in a targeted and systematic manner and to identify miscalculations in invoices or shortcomings affecting other works contracts that are currently not part of the focus of the control team. In this way, the team supports Wiener Wohnen in achieving optimum quality management and quality assurance.